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Dispatches from the Edge

I don’t know if I can get married there now

Elisha Farris, a bride-to-be from Salem, New Hampshire on her plans for a wedding in Italy amid coronavirus.

Elisha Farris previews her wedding dress. She is unsure if she will be able to hold her wedding in Italy due to the coronavirus pandemic.Handout (custom credit)/Handout

Editor’s Note: These stories are part of a Globe Magazine special report, appearing in print on Sunday, March 29.

"My family lives in Sicily, so Nic and I went there in October, and looking back I should have known he was going to propose. He took me on a boat through the coast of Taormina. We went into the Blue Grotto, where the water is so clear and beautiful. We searched in Amalfi for places to get married and chose to invite a small group of people [to a restaurant]. We were supposed to go back on March 10 to do our tasting and talk to the priest, but then all the stuff [with COVID-19] started happening. I don’t even know if I am going to get married there now, so I haven’t bought my dress.


If Nic and I eloped, I would be fine with it, but as of this moment, we are still going to go [back to the Amalfi coast] because the wedding is there on October 1. People are asking me if I am crying every day about my wedding, and that is the worst stigma about brides — that we are obsessed with everything being perfect. This is a global pandemic, and it is way bigger than people seeing me get married."

As told to Lily Hartman

Interview has been edited and condensed.