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The US now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country. Here’s how we got there

Ryan Huddle

The US passed China on Thursday night in confirmed cases of coronavirus, a dubious distinction as the virus continues to rage across the world. How did we get here? The charts below offer a look at how spread in the US compared to other countries that have been similarly hard-hit by the pandemic. The graphics provide a sobering look of what’s transpired so far, and a warning of what may still come.

Note: The number of cases is likely much higher than the official confirmed number, due to the fact that some who have the virus have mild or no symptoms. In the US, numbers also don’t reflect the total cases because of a shortage of testing.


The data is compiled by Johns Hopkins University. We last updated the charts below on March 26.

Sources: Johns Hopkins University, WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, 1point3acres,, BNO, state and national government health departments, and local media reports.

Heather Hopp-Bruce contributed to this report.

Heather Ciras can be reached at Follow her @heatherciras.