Chocolate care packages for you or a loved one

Black Dinah Chocolatiers of Maine came up with three new packages that will make being stuck at home more palatable.

Products from Black Dinah Chocolatiers.
Products from Black Dinah Chocolatiers.Handout (custom credit)/Handout

If chocolate is your cure-all, consider buying a care package for yourself or as a gift for someone else from Black Dinah Chocolatiers of Westbrook, Maine. “We were thinking of ways to appeal to different people,” says Kate Shaffer, who owns the company with her husband, Steve, so they came up with three new care packages that will make being stuck at home more palatable. For a family navigating close quarters, the Family Care Package offers sustenance and comic relief. There are five different drinking chocolates, a box of assorted truffles and sea salt caramels, and for the kids, Peanut Butter Peepers (frogs) and Almond-Date Hedgehogs. For the Cabin Fever Reliever Package, Shaffer consulted with a wine merchant to come up with two sets of chocolate bonbons, one for pairing with white wines, the other for red. (Wine not included.) In addition, there’s chocolate-covered candied orange peel (to keep away the scurvy, she says) and a copy of Shaffer’s cookbook, “Desserted: Recipes and Tales from an Island Chocolatier.” (For the business’s first eight years, the chocolate maker lived and worked on the island of Isle au Haut off the coast of Maine.) The Be Well Care Package includes White Chocolate Matcha Drinking Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Orange Peel, and a small box of Black Dinah’s Farm Market Collection. For all the bonbons, Shaffer sources single-origin chocolate from South America, mostly from Ecuador. She uses cream, butter, fresh herbs, and fruits from local farms and other small producers. The company’s two stores are closed temporarily, but all products are available on its website. Care packages are currently 15 percent off with free shipping to New England states. Available at www.blackdinahchocolatiers.com. (Type “care package” in the search field.)



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