Dishes you can make with what’s on hand

From left: Menemen (Turkish Scrambled Eggs), Chicken Fried Rice, and Quarantine Cookies.
From left: Menemen (Turkish Scrambled Eggs), Chicken Fried Rice, and Quarantine Cookies.Photos by Sheryl Julian for The Boston Globe (left); Karoline Boehm Goodnick for The Boston Globe (middle, right)

Isolation Week 3: You’re cooking down the pantry and I’ll bet you’re finding some packages with very interesting pull-dates. Did I really buy that can of chipotle peppers in 2017? It seems like yesterday. And why did I think I needed all this black rice? All my friends are in similar fixes, dislodging solidly frozen food that’s covered with freezer burns, and unearthing other ancient artifacts. Sorry, but you have to discard cans or jars or packages of grains past their date (the grains will have an off smell if you open them). Old food from the freezer has to go, too. Just silly to take a chance on it. This week’s recipes use what else you may have on hand to make very quick menemen, Turkish scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and a chile pepper. Chicken Fried Rice begins with long-grain brown rice that is stir-fried with chicken, scallions, carrots, and frozen peas. For dessert, try Quarantine Cookies to use up all those nuts and dried fruits you’re finding. Improvise with these recipes — and everything else. Adapt methods, switch ingredients, do what you like. Remember, the point is to put dinner on the table. Not to get a standing ovation. Though you might.

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