Grab a beer, and a roll of toilet paper, at Dorchester Brewing Co.

As part of a promotion, Dorchester Brewing Co. is handing out toilet paper with every take-out order.
As part of a promotion, Dorchester Brewing Co. is handing out toilet paper with every take-out order.Dorchester Brewing Co.

New to the take-out menu at Dorchester Brewing Co.: toilet paper.

The Dorchester brewery announced on Twitter Wednesday that with every to-go order from its M & M BBQ restaurant on Uber Eats, it would provide a free roll of toilet paper to its customers, straight to their doorsteps, for one day.

The free toilet paper evolved from an earlier promotion at the brewery on March 21, which gave customers a free roll with every pick-up beer order.

Since then, nearly 400 rolls of toilet paper have been given away; each one adorned with a black Dorchester Brewing Co. sticker, according to brewery co-founder and Marketing Director Holly Irgens.


“The customers are really excited about it and it’s something for them to laugh about,” Irgens said in an interview Wednesday night.

“It’s crazy how many people love to take a photo of the toilet paper and their beer together.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorchester Brewing Co. stopped serving customers in its taproom on March 15, ahead of the state’s decision to restrict restaurant service to take-out and delivery.

According to Irgens, the brewery encouraged social distancing with an online order form for pick-up. The brewery even allowed customers hold up a receipt from inside their vehicles to allow servers to drop off the order in their trunks.

Within a few days, the brewery began offering fun promotions such as discounted merchandise and ten-dollar growlers, which then evolved into free toilet paper.

“We just wanted to do something fun during a really difficult time," Irgens said.

On Friday, the brewery will only allow customers to pick-up their orders outside the restaurant, according to Irgens.

“It was really important for us to make it as safe as possible for everyone and to be socially responsible in that aspect," she said.


“We’re making it so that they don’t have to come inside and so that they can pick up their beer outside instead.”

Despite the restriction on entering, the brewery will continue its promotions and add more in the future, such as bottled wine to go.

“The support from the community has really been amazing,” Irgens said.

“They know we rely on customers during these tough times, so it’s been incredible.”

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