Special birthday salute for 12-year-old Franklin boy

A 12-year-old Franklin boy who had to cancel his birthday party due to the COVID-19 crisis got a big surprise after seven police cruisers pulled up in front of his house looking for him Friday.

Will Gouveia was sitting on his porch when the officers pulled up and sang happy birthday to him over the speakers in their cruisers. They flashed the cruiser’s lights and sounded the sirens before pulling away, according to a video Will’s father, Aaron, posted on Twitter.

The special salute came several hours after a sweet serenade from Will’s neighbors. They stood in the rain outside his house to sing happy birthday to him.


After Aaron Gouveia posted a video of the neighbors on social media, Franklin police reached out to ask if they could join in the fun.

Will was “blown away” by the gesture, his father said in an e-mail.

“That these officers did this for a kid in the community having a hard time speaks volumes about them and about this community,” Aaron Gouveia said. “We moved here three years ago and it’s been the best decision of our lives. I’m really grateful and Will felt like he had a special day despite being confined to the house.”

While Franklin police Sergeant Brian Johnson said he doesn’t think his department is the first to do this sort of thing, they were happy to do something nice for a member of the community.

“We like to see that it’s also bringing joy to the people who are viewing the video online,” Johnson said. “People need something to smile about right now, and if the police department can provide that along with emergency services, then that’s what we will do.”

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