Massachusetts Hockey responds to the Globe’s reporting on Assabet Valley youth hockey

Carl Gray is shown at a March 2020 game in Concord.
Carl Gray is shown at a March 2020 game in Concord.Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

This statement was provided by Massachusetts Hockey regarding the Globe’s reporting on the Assabet Valley youth hockey program:

As a volunteer-based governing body and an affiliate of USA Hockey, Massachusetts Hockey provides youth hockey players the opportunity to participate in a safe, structured environment. Any allegations of misconduct received by Massachusetts Hockey are taken seriously as the safety of Massachusetts Hockey participants is of paramount importance. Although Massachusetts Hockey will not comment on the specifics of any particular disciplinary matter, Massachusetts Hockey has long had systems in place to protect youth hockey players through a disciplinary and grievance procedure available to all participants and their families.


As a USA Hockey Affiliate, Massachusetts Hockey follows SafeSport Program Policies and requires SafeSport training as well as screening and background checks. In compliance with USA Hockey membership, through the U.S. Center for SafeSport, there are additional available procedures for any person to report misconduct. Massachusetts Hockey informs its members of and publicizes these procedures and requirements through its media outlets.

While Massachusetts Hockey makes every effort to address its members’ concerns on all matters and levels, both formally and informally, these formal procedures are only instituted upon filing of a written complaint. Massachusetts Hockey continues to strive to educate all those involved in its programs on how to provide a safe environment for its members.