New rules at Needham’s recycling and transfer station in light of COVID-19

Needham recently announced new rules for using the town’s recycling and transfer station intended to protect residents and workers from exposure to COVID-19.

Under the procedures, which took effect April 4 and will continue until further notice, no more than 18 vehicles are allowed at one time in the trash/recycling area, and no more than six in the yard waste area.

Traffic entering the site is now in two lanes, one for vehicles dropping off yard waste, the other for those disposing of trash and recyclables. Bulky waste items are no longer accepted. All trash items must be in yellow bags.


Contractors are not permitted to use the station on Saturdays. Residents are encouraged to visit on days other than Saturdays, when the site is at its busiest.

For more information, go to needhamma.gov.

John Laidler can be reached at laidler@globe.com.