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NBA considering ‘diabetes-like’ testing for coronavirus that could accelerate return of game, report says

Could Adam Silver and the NBA be on to something with their "diabetes-like" test for the coronavirus?Mary Altaffer

The NBA is exploring a plan that would utilize a “diabetes-like” blood test that could quickly determine if players have COVID-19 with just the prick of a finger, according to a report from ESPN.

However, the idea remains in the early stages, sources told ESPN. At the same time, a source also stressed “advances in science and medicine are proceeding at a rapid pace,” and that collaboration could lead to breakthrough solutions “sooner rather than later.”

This sort of rapid-response testing could be a first step in a timeline that could see the return of games say some associated with the league.


“Rapid-testing results are key to return to work, return to sports, everything,” one NBA GM told ESPN. “Whatever job you have and environment you work in, if you’re interacting with people, we’re all going to have to feel safe doing that. Sports isn’t any different.”

This news comes in the wake of a story from The Washington Post on Abbott Laboratories in Illinois, which began shipping a similar type of rapid-response tests across the country last week. Those tests, which have been approved by the FDA, are said to deliver results in five to 13 minutes.

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