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Will Boston see concerts and large gatherings canceled until 2021? Here’s what Mayor Walsh just said on CNN

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh on April 15.Angela Rowlings

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh appeared on CNN shortly before 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, speaking with Brianna Keilar about the city’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

During his brief appearance, Keilar noted that the mayor of Los Angeles recently said that he believes large gatherings, such as concerts and big sports events, may not resume in L.A. before 2021.

“Do you think that could be the case for Boston as well?” Keilar asked.

“I think he could be right,” Walsh responded. "It depends on the data and information we have available to us and where we are with the coronavirus, what cases are still active, how much testing do we have, how many people are immune to the virus."


However, Walsh noted that all those questions “still can’t be answered right now.”

"I know very smart people are trying to figure that out. And I think as we get that information, some of our decisions we make going forward will be clearer," he said.

Keilar also asked Walsh if he thought Boston’s numerous colleges and universities would be able to reopen as scheduled in the fall.

“I think they will, but I think it might be a different type of learning,” Walsh said. “I think colleges and universities have the ability to have social distancing in the classroom and they’re able. . . to do some online learning as well.”

However, Walsh noted, "I think their biggest issue is going to be people living on campus. A lot of the dormitories are two and three roommates in a room. I think that's where the challenges would be.

“But I think they certainly have the time right now to plan out what it looks like,” he continued. “It’s probably going to be a lot different than maybe the freshman and sophomore experience this year, at least until the shutdown.”


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