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It’s teachers’ critic who seems to be pushing an agenda, not the unions

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

I read Keri Rodrigues’s April 11 letter with dismay (“Unions were trying to capitalize on a crisis”). Rodrigues implies that teachers care not for the struggles of students and families during the coronavirus crisis. The facts say differently.

From day one of the school closures, the Boston Teachers Union has partnered with the Boston Public Schools both to hand out and to deliver meals and Chromebooks. Hundreds of teachers have been volunteering daily to feed bodies and minds. The BTU also has partnered with the Massachusetts Teachers Association to petition rent relief in Boston and Cambridge. All such actions are designed to help students and their families cope in these troubling times.


Certainly one of teachers’ long-stated goals is not to have MCAS be the sole determinant for graduation; however, for Rodrigues to criticize teachers for not wanting the MCAS when students have been out of school for more than a month bespeaks of another agenda. Her organization, the National Parents Union, is funded by the Walton Family Foundation, which is notoriously anti-union. It seems that Rodrigues is the one taking advantage of a crisis to push an agenda, not the teachers.

Michael J. Maguire

West Roxbury

The writer is a BPS parent, serves on the executive board of the Boston Teachers Union, and is a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts.