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Pick your favorite pandemic sports meme: Quarantine houses, choose three, or bingo cards

As part of the popular "choose 3" meme, the Boston Celtics asked fans to identify their favorite versions of their logos.Boston Celtics

These are indeed strange days. People are confined to their homes and looking for diversions as they endure the coronavirus pandemic, so subjects that in ordinary times that might be dismissed as merely interesting have taken over pop culture. (Hello, Tiger King!)

Some of the latest crazes sweeping across social media include the “choose your quarantine house” and “you can only pick 3” memes. The topics range from celebrities, politicians, food, movies, animals, music, and yes, sports, among others.

If, somehow, you have not stumbled across one yet, the basic premise of “choose your quarantine house” is that you have to decide in which house you would want to ride out the quarantine with, based on the athletes, coaches, and sports personalities already living there.


Awful Announcing came up with a sports media quarantine house. Apparently the strategy was to put the least desirable person to live with at the top of the list for each house.

One featuring NBA players chose an interesting way to divide the players among six houses. Call me old school, but I’m going with the Dream Team house.

The NHL had some fun with its version, including Justin Bieber and Hamilton the Pig along with players from past and present.

The “you can only keep three” meme presents a variety of athletes, teams, uniforms, or sports video games then tells participants they’re only allowed to keep three of the options.

The Tennis Hall of Fame had a great one. Anyone who does not include No. 5 cannot be serious.

It can also be educational. I mean, who knew the Buffalo Sabres had so many different uniform options?

Ok. Life long Celtics fan here, and I had no idea they’ve had so many logos. By the way, the correct answers are 1, 8 and 3. And maybe 6. Dammit!


The worlds of sports and video games collide in this one. It’s always amazed me that people will buy the new version of a video game year after. Pretty sure I held on to Madden NFL 98 for about 10 years rather than buy the updated ones year after year.

Bingo cards are making the rounds as well, with experiences listed on the “card”. Participants are asked to take a screen shot, fill it out, and then tag friends to join in the fun. Here’s a good one for Dodgers fans.

The Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” program’s bingo card focused heavily on accomplishments, but probably could have used a few more failure-based squares like “Whiffed” (who hasn’t?) or “Three-putted from inside 10 feet” (easy to do on private country club greens).

The Bruins took a page out of the children’s magazine Highlights, in which two pictures are displayed side by side, and readers are asked to list the differences.

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