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Charlie Baker just called off school for the year. Here’s his message for graduating seniors

Justine Ellement/Globe Staff/file

In announcing Tuesday that Massachusetts schools would be closed for the remainder of the school year, Governor Charlie Baker offered a message for the class of 2020: I get it and it stings.

“The end of the school year typically represents an exciting time for all students: championship games, field trips, outdoor activities, and other great events that sometimes happen once in a lifetime are supposed to fill the calendar," he said at a press conference announcing the closures.

"And that’s especially true for high school seniors. They’ve all worked hard for four years and they look forward to the so-called last season, whether it’s to play lacrosse, run track, participate in a school play, go to the prom, graduate. Because of COVID-19 a lot of this will not happen and some of it will happen in ways that are far different than anyone would have imagined it just a few months ago.”

He then added that the loss of the teenage rite of passage known as senior spring strikes a personal note for him as a dad.


“As the father of three grown children, it stings for me, too, because I remember how precious this time is. So to all the seniors, we would just say, you should keep your heads up. The end of the year may not proceed as planned, but there will be -- because there always are -- brighter days ahead."

It is not yet clear how high schools around the state will handle graduations and other springtime ceremonies on a remote basis. As for the prom, we’re not totally sure we can imagine the governor hosting a John Krasinski-style online prom for the class of 2020 as the Newton native did on his “Some Good News” show last week, but anything is possible these days, right?