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New Kids on the Block save the day with a perfect pandemic pop anthem

Donnie Wahlberg in the NKOTB video for "House Party."
Donnie Wahlberg in the NKOTB video for "House Party."NKOTB/Handout

Who would have guessed that New Kids on the Block would come along and deliver the pandemic pop anthem that would save our sanity? Please bow down and tell NKOTB that we’re not worthy of “House Party,” the band’s old school coronavirus jam that the Boston-bred boy band released Friday, with proceeds going to help feed kids in need.

“House Party” is a full-on rump-rocking, hip-swiveling, shoulder-shaking ray of sunshine that includes additional vocals from Boyz II Men, Jordin Sparks, Big Freedia, and Naughty By Nature. Someone forgot to invite Color Me Badd to the party, but this song is so deliriously bouncy we’ll forgive the oversight.


Yes, my friends, it does not get better than this. “House Party” is the best Justin Timberlake song about quarantine that Justin Timberlake never wrote or recorded.

Donnie Wahlberg kicks off “House Party” in classic boy band style with a randy, deep voiceover of “For those about to lose their minds, we gotta remember that in the worst of times, we can make the best of times.” Preach Donnie! We are here for it.

Boyz II Men provides a liberal pinch of Motown-Philly backing vocals as Joey McIntyre pleads "stay home." It’s McIntyre’s “Please Don’t Go Girl” moment of 2020. Message received Joey, this time none of us will go.

The video is a bit catch-as-catch can (why is Jordan Knight dancing in his living room with two blue furries that look as if they just crawled in from Times Square?) and cheesier than an Arby’s roast beef sandwich, but at least it wasn’t made on Zoom, and for that we should all be thankful. The video includes cameos from Mark Walhberg and his daughters, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Derek Hough, Carrie Underwood, and Donnie Wahlberg’s wife, Jenny McCarthy.

Mark Wahlberg makes a cameo appearance in the NKOTB video for "House Party."
Mark Wahlberg makes a cameo appearance in the NKOTB video for "House Party."NKOTB/Handout

“I was inspired. People need to be entertained, to feel light, to be happy. If we can do even the smallest thing to lift someone’s day we will do that,” Donnie Wahlberg said in a statement about writing the song while on quarantine in his home. “And in doing so, we will also donate all net proceeds to benefit No Kid Hungry. All we want to do is give back in the best way we know how.”


The band is also auctioning a tour package to benefit No Kid Hungry that includes two tour stops and puts the winner on the tour bus for one night with the band. The winner will also receive two tickets to a future NKOTB tour, hotel accommodations, and round-trip air for two.

You know you need a little more NKOTB in your life. You also want to help No Kid Hungry. Bidding is open now through May 8 at 9 p.m. Go to one.bidpal.net/nkotb.

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