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‘SNL at Home’ returns with Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci, Kenan Thompson as Big Papi

“Live, kinda, from all across America, it’s Saturday night!”

Brad Pitt played Dr. Anthony Fauci on "SNL at Home"NBC

In a CNN interview early this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci jokingly revealed that if any actor should play him on “Saturday Night Live," it should be Brad Pitt. Last night, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases got what he asked for.

In its second remote installment of the late-night sketch comedy series, “SNL at Home" featured another lineup of creative comedy where the cast phoned-in jokes and sketches from their humble abodes. The episode aired two weeks after its historical remote debut, this time featuring host Brad Pitt, surprise musical guest Miley Cyrus, plus appearances from Paul Rudd, Adam Sandler, Charles Barkley, and “Big Papi.” Here are some sketches worth watching, or re-watching.


Brad Pitt played Dr. Fauci (and himself) in cold open

Pitt’s Dr. Fauci began by clarifying some of the misinformation swirling around the coronavirus: “The president has taken some liberties with our guidelines, so tonight I’d like to explain what [he] was trying to say.”

At the end of the sketch, Pitt peeled back his grey Fauci wig, and addressed the audience, and Dr. Fauci, as himself.

“Thank you for your calm and clarity in this unnerving time,” Pitt said before also extending thanks to health care workers on the front lines, and closing: “Live, kinda, from all across America, it’s Saturday night!”

“What Up With That” made a comeback

Fans of Kenan Thompson’s recurring “What Up With That” sketch will appreciate this rendition, complete with Jason Sudeikis in a red jumpsuit, Fred Armisen on saxophone, and brief, random appearances with Charles Barkley and DJ Khaled.

Big Papi cooked a “big Dominican lunch”

Thompson returned as Big Papi, this time from behind his kitchen counter, to explain how to make a big Dominican lunch during quarantine.

Michael Che made another joke about Boston being racist


Che has called Boston “the most racist city” he’s ever visited in the past, and he brought back that notion during this week’s episode.

“A new study finds that pigeons in New York City are genetically different from pigeons in Boston,” Che said during the “Weekend Update" segment. “It’s actually easy to spot the difference, because the Boston pigeons are the ones yelling at black birds to go back to where they came from.”

Pete Davidson feat. Adam Sandler dropped the song of the pandemic

Davidson and Sandler rapped about being “Stuck in the House," revealing scenes from their own at-home quarantines.

Miley Cyrus covered Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

Cyrus made a surprise guest appearance, performing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” by a campfire in her backyard.

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