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Watch: COVID-19 commercials

These ads try to play off the pandemic by acknowledging the hard reality of life in a shutdown

Screengrab of the Burger King: "Stay Home of the Whopper" commercial.YouTube

Advertising in the age of the coronavirus means companies are finding different ways to resonate with consumers — sweeping orchestra scores and powerful photographs, for example, or relatable videos that touch on new realities on daily life.

The logos and slogans differ at the end of these newly created commercials, but they all say the same thing: We will get through this, and we are in it together.

Below are examples from some of the country’s biggest brand names.

Citibank: “We are Grateful for You”

Citibank pays tribute to workers on the front lines, from delivery drivers to medical personnel, with orchestra music, the trusty Ken Burns effect, and an inspiring voice over.


Dove: “Courage is beautiful”

Dove keeps its thank-you to medical professionals simple with piano music, eight photos, and a three-word slogan.

Apple: “Creativity goes on”

Apple reminds viewers that even while stuck at home, there are plenty of way to stay imaginative and artistic — using, of course, one of its products..

Facebook: “We’re never lost if we can find each other”

In the social networking app’s COVID-19 ad, images of empty cities and tears give way to smiles and people connecting through windows and on video.

IBM: “Today isn’t a restart. It’s a rethink."

There’s nothing normal about a new normal, and IBM touches how some of its products are behind innovative efforts during the pandemic.

Burger King: “Stay Home of the Whopper”

Need a reason to lounge on your couch all day? According to Burger King, if you stay home and do your part, it will do its part by waiving delivery fees for so-called “couch potat-raiots.”

Taco Bell: “Window”

For those that just can’t follow Burger King’s stay-at-home directive, Taco Bell is keeping its drive-thru open to help customers “get-thru” the pandemic.

Uber: “Thank You For Not Riding”


The ride-hailing company is encouraging people to stop using its service — for now, at least. Uber’s ad touches on the realities of staying at home and social distancing: Zoom cocktail hours, home workouts, and visiting family through windows. The touching montage ends with a text that reads, “thank you for not riding with Uber.”

DoorDash: “Open for Delivery”

While restaurants are closed for in-person business because of COVID-19 related restrictions, the food delivery app reminds veiwers they can still support local establishments by ordering takeout.

Zillow: “The Real Value of Home”

Zillow tells viewers that during the pandemic, its product (homes) have never been more important. A timelapse video of a two-story home shows a family waking up and meandering around different rooms, never stepping foot outsdie.

Nike: “Play for the World”

The athletic brand acknowledges that although athletes might not be playing in front of giant crowds in stadiums and arenas or their countries during the pandemic, they can reach fans with videos of their workouts.

Domino’s: “Serious About Safety”

Wondering if your food is safe after the delivery guy brought it to your house? Domino’s has an answer.

Fitbit: “We’re all in this together”

Fitbit’s commerical goes with a classic COVID-19 theme: a voice-over thanking frontline workers and those staying at home, a look at makeshift home gyms and messy kitchens, and a reminder that we are all in this together.

Forcepoint: “Together”

The cybersecurity company shows something the work-from-home model has destroyed: the daily commute. But Forcepoint reminds consumers that they are still working together with their coworkers, even though it is from a distance.


McDonald’s: “Still the Same”

The fast-food chain shows there are still ways to preserve some aspects of normalcy — with chicken nuggets and fries, of course.

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