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About two-thirds of people feel Mass. marijuana legalization was a success, according to new poll

Richard Vogel/Associated Press

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People who live in states that have legalized marijuana for adult use broadly feel that the policy has been a success, according to a new poll.

A majority of people from eight states that were surveyed said the programs are working well. And in Maine, which legalized cannabis in 2016 but still doesn’t have any adult-use retail shops open, people still said the law is more of a success than a failure by a greater than two-to-one plurality.


YouGov asked more than 32,000 people the following question: “In the states that have decided to allow recreational marijuana use, do you think the legislation has been a success or a failure?”

They were given five options: “Success only, more of a success than a failure, more of a failure than a success, failure only or don’t know.”

Here’s a breakdown of what percentage of people in states with legal adult-use marijuana said the policy has been a success:

Colorado: 71 percent

Oregon: 69 percent

Massachusetts: 67 percent

Washington: 65 percent

Nevada: 64 percent

California: 59 percent

Illinois: 59 percent

Michigan: 56 percent

Maine: 47 percent

In Colorado, which was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana when it did so in 2012, about a quarter of respondents (26 percent) said the system has been a success only, whereas 45 percent said it was more of a success than failure.

The survey was conducted from April 17 to 20. The research firm said that it did not get a reportable state-level sample size for Alaska or Vermont, which have also enacted legalization laws, so they were not included in the new analysis.


YouGov has been behind a series of cannabis-related surveys in recent weeks. Last month, it found that a majority of Americans overall feel legalization is successful. Most Americans also believe medical cannabis dispensaries should remain open as essential services during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a poll the firm released in March.

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