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What you’re reading now

Besides browsing through some very old books from my Dad’s collection such as “The Arts” by Henrik Van Loon, we are doing daily readings aloud from a 1938 volume of A. Conan Doyle’s “Complete Sherlock Holmes.” Very entertaining especially when special “voices” are needed for the stories. Mostly I read and my husband listens. Sort of like “A Thousand and One Nights,” when we have to wait to hear the ending the next day! Keeps us going.

— Joyce and Bob Greif, Lexington

With my library and bookstore closed, I resorted to searching Amazon and discovered a new Irish author. Her name is Maureen Higgins. I first read “Curse of the Raven,” set in 1890. The hardships incurred by the Irish are well told in the book, along with Irish humor and traditions. I also read “Golden Dreams,” a story about an old man named Micky Flynn from County Tipperary, who prospected the hills of Ireland in search of gold to fulfill his dream. I thoroughly enjoyed both books.


— Shawn Hunter, Braintree

As a mother of three, reading children’s books has been part of my life for the last 14 years. As a poet, reading poetry has been part of my life since I learned that there was a thing called poetry. Because I am currently a PhD student, I have been learning the art (or science) of reading academic texts. But what is going on makes it difficult to concentrate. I am reading the academic texts little by little. I am devouring plays, reading children’s books, and watching children’s book storytimes daily. Having someone else read to me and my 4-year-old is very comforting.

— Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, Providence