Blind date: ‘I must’ve missed the e-mail that told me when the date was’

Can he recover from a frazzled start to this Zoom date?

Cat Foley and Roman Gelperin.
Cat Foley and Roman Gelperin.

ROMAN GELPERIN: 30 / writer

When he is happiest: Hiking through beautiful nature, after having finished a writing project

His ideal mate: Would look like Gal Gadot, and be some sort of scientist

CAT FOLEY: 33 / environmental consultant

Her perfect Saturday: Heading to the mountains for skiing or hiking

Her ideal mate: A bearded Liam Hemsworth doing something good for the world



Roman Honestly, I must’ve missed the e-mail that told me when the date was. I only learned about it 10 minutes after it already started, thanks to another e-mail from The Boston Globe. Frantically, I jumped out of bed, booted up my laptop, and took a brief glance at how I looked in the mirror (highly unimpressive).


Cat I put on a dress, since I jokingly wanted to say I was not wearing any pants. I never ended up making that joke, though.

Roman It took another five to figure out how to get the sound to work (while everyone’s been having Zoom meetings during pandemic, I’ve been solitarily writing my fourth book).

Cat Roman seemed calm, considering he did not know the date was happening.

Roman She was very attractive and looked classy and respectable. Which was a bit of a black eye for me, because I looked like I had just rolled out of bed (which, in fact, I just had). She looked a bit disappointed.

Cat The lighting on his computer made the image dark, so it was difficult to see him clearly.


Roman We talked about my frazzled lateness, how each of us was dealing with the pandemic, and the odd situation of being on a blind Zoom date. Cat was into traveling and extreme sports, and works doing appraisals of environmental damage.


Cat Roman was born in Russia and moved to the United States when he was 4. Both of us have pets, so we introduced and chatted about them.

Roman Cat owned a gray cat, which looked pretty upset to be woken up and lifted up to the camera.

Cat Roman asked if I had ordered food (which I had), and since he had not, he pointed out that his “dinner” would be leftover almonds from a hike. Eventually, his roommates were kind enough to bring up food. I ordered salmon and tiramisu from Posto in Davis Square.

Roman She seemed disconcerted at first, especially while I was droning on about being a writer and book sales. But then we moved on to more relatable topics of conversion, and I suppose the beers kicked in. We did have some things in common. We were both into nature. Not a perfect match, but not the worst.

Cat Roman is an interesting person, so I was intrigued, but as the night went on, it was clear that we did not share much in common.


Roman I felt it was better to end the call on a high note, so we exchanged numbers and waved goodbye.

Cat After two hours, I was ready to finish. We had chatted long enough to make an informed first impression.


Roman It’s possible.

Cat No, after sitting with the experience, I decided that I was not interested. I contacted him the following day to let him know.



Roman / B+

Cat / B