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She brings uplifting messages to the windows of local storefronts

Antea Amoroso started decorating store windows for free in April.Antea Amoroso

Antea Amoroso can often be found writing on the windows of local businesses. When the weather is right, she puts on her mask, gloves, and jacket and heads out to elegantly letter inspiring messages on storefronts’ exterior — for free. Her two kids sometimes record Amoroso’s ten-minute artistic process from the car for Instagram Live (@anteaamoroso).

“Sunshine is the best media,” she wrote using a white paint marker last week. “No one is you, and that is your power,” read another storefront quote. A third highlighted an especially relevant message today: “We’re in this together.”

The #letteringforlove initiative is the Reading-based calligrapher’s way of supporting as many boutiques, bookshops, and retailers as she can during the pandemic. So far, Amoroso has personally lettered 150 storefronts with messages either they supply or she chooses. More than a hundred additional businesses are on her to-do list.


“I can’t financially contribute to all these businesses," she said in a phone call Monday. “But if I can put out something to them or for them, then that would be awesome.”

Businesses across the country can sign up to have their window decorated through Amoroso’s website (anteaamorosdesign.com). She handles requests from the Greater Boston area and neighboring states herself, and hands off ones from other locales to artists she’s recruited via social media, or to the calligraphy company, Sip & Script.

The effort is a “passion project” for Amoroso, who usually focuses on personalized lettered art as well as signage and seating charts for weddings. Her regular stream of revenue vanished almost overnight when coronavirus canceled events, including most couples’ nuptials. So Amoroso volunteered to paint the window of a friend’s Reading boutique four weeks ago with the words “Hope isn’t canceled."

The project “took on a life of its own” after that, she said.


“My friend was laughing after trying to write something on the windows for her customers,” said Amoroso. “So the next day I went down and did it, and a couple of other businesses were like ‘Can you do mine?’”

Amoroso provides her self-taught artistic expertise for no charge, but welcomes donations from residents and businesses. She funnels a portion of the proceeds from her Lettering For Love merchandise to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

As for her own business, Amoroso is sustaining herself through a new online shop, www.anteaamorosodesign.com/shop, where she sells personalized frames, cups, bags, and more.

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter at @ditikohli_.

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com.Follow her on Twitter @ditikohli_.