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Neglect has hobbled Postal Service

for editorial about distress at the US Post Office
for editorial about distress at the US Post OfficeGlobe Staff; Adobe

The Globe correctly points out that the Trump administration is using the US Postal Service as a pawn in its petty political spat (“Trump exploits COVID-19 to hold post office hostage,” Editorial, May 14). You fail to note, however, that decades of do-nothing congresses have weakened the USPS to a point where it is now easily victimized.

Congress has either ignored or actively blocked attempts to modernize the Postal Service for decades. A private enterprise would have instituted common-sense streamlining years ago, including sensible pension reform, modest fee increases, eliminating Saturday delivery, and eliminating redundant or otherwise unproductive post offices. Congress’s neglect creates a vacuum that can be exploited by the executive branch for any reason — good or bad.


Washington politicians — Democrats and Republicans alike — are so absorbed in building and maintaining their individual fiefdoms, serving their party and stoking their base, that they refuse to make the often difficult compromises that a legislative body must make in order to function. This abdication of authority allowed George W. Bush to start two wars and it is allowing this president the opportunity to bend the entire federal bureaucracy to his capricious will. Voters need to take a clear-eyed look at their representatives and senators and stop returning them to office term after term.

Gerry McSweeney