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And your birds can sing

15birdsongs - (Adobe Stock; Globe Staff Photo Illustration)
15birdsongs - (Adobe Stock; Globe Staff Photo Illustration)Adobe Stock; Globe Staff Photo Illustration

Re Ty Burr’s “In Praise of Birdsong” (Weekend, May 15): During the ongoing COVID-19 situation, I too have started to train my ears to better distinguish the songs of birds that are now doing their spring thing in a big way. Listening and seeking to understand nature in all its diversity and glory is hugely rewarding, — always, but especially now. In addition to the multitude of bird songs, the sounds of young new tree leaves fluttering in the breeze are distinguishable from each other if one listens carefully, as are the various springtime peeps and croaks of different amphibians emerging from vernal pools. Plants blooming provide an opportunity to discover those that are edible, medicinal, and beautiful in all their variety as well. Springtime in New England is vibrant and rich in nature’s sounds, colors, and scents every year. But this year is the perfect time for us all to stop a moment, breathe deeply, find some stillness, and look, listen, and smell the amazing world around us. Thanks, Ty.

Maryalice Fischer


Strafford, N.H.