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You can pick the new ‘I voted’ sticker for Rhode Island. These are your choices

This isn't just sticker cool, it's tattoo cool.
This isn't just sticker cool, it's tattoo cool.Rhode Island Board of Elections

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Happy Thursday and welcome to Rhode Map, your daily guide to everything happening in the Ocean State. I’m Dan McGowan and if you have nothing to do because there are no more episodes of “The Last Dance,” I highly recommend reading “The Victory Machine” by Ethan Sherwood Strauss. Follow me on Twitter @DanMcGowan or send tips to Dan.McGowan@globe.com.

ICYMI: Rhode Island was up to 13,356 confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday, after adding 209 new cases. The state announced six more deaths, bringing the total to 538. There were 257 people in the hospital, 58 in intensive care, and 45 were on ventilators.


We could all use a reason to smile, so let’s talk about stickers.

The Rhode Island Board of Elections has narrowed its search for the state’s new “I voted” sticker to eight choices, and they’re leaving it to us to pick the winner. Voting kicks off today, and runs through May 31.

You can vote here, but don’t be that annoying person that votes so many times that your hometown team ends up being named the Yard Goats. In the spirit of transparency, here’s how I’m voting.

1. This isn’t just sticker cool, it’s tattoo cool.

Rhode Island Board of Elections

2. The bubbly font wins me over.

Rhode Island Board of Elections

3. Has the feel of an elegant roulette wheel.

Rhode Island Board of Elections

4. This will look good on the white shirt you wear to your work Zoom meetings.

Rhode Island Board of Elections

5. Love the simplicity, but where’s Block Island?

Rhode Island Board of Elections

6. It looks kind of like a strawberry shortcake from Gregg’s. Winner if the primary was July 4.

Rhode Island Board of Elections

7. It’s like a Rhode Islander decided to vandalize the original “I voted” sticker.

Rhode Island Board of Elections

8. Looks too much like “I Heart Ted.”

Rhode Island Board of Elections


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⚓ Governor Raimondo’s daily coronavirus update is at 1 p.m.

⚓US Representative David Cicilline will make a rare appearance before the Rhode Island Senate Finance Committee this afternoon to discuss how Congress is addressing the coronavirus.

⚓ The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless is holding an 11 a.m. virtual discussion with US Representative James Langevin to discuss youth homelessness.

⚓ Red Sox fans, the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is streaming a conversation today at noon with several players and officials from the 2013 World Series team.


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