Biden: Get busy

Former vice president Joe Biden campaigned in Charleston, S.C., Feb. 24.
Former vice president Joe Biden campaigned in Charleston, S.C., Feb. 24.Erin Schaff/NYT

I agree with Scot Lehigh (“Joe Biden’s strengths match the nation’s needs in these troubled times,” Opinion, May 15) and reader Michael Biales (“Not the president’s finest hour," Letters, May 15). The media (all of them) need to start covering Joe Biden. Who cares if he’s in his basement? He and his campaign manager need to get the word out. With less than six months until the election, our problems are mounting. The “stable genius” is not handling them. He only stopped his coronavirus rallies because his ratings dropped. People got tired of him patting himself on the back while Americans die by the thousands.

Joe, you need to get busy. After this is over, or at least semi-over, we’re still going to have millions of unemployed. Small businesses, even those few lucky enough to grab federal funds, may still go under. We’ll have great need of Depression-era programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration. The CCC planted millions of trees and did numerous flood-protection projects.We’re having massive floods again. We’re having rampant wildfires. We can use people to work on protecting our lands. We are also in desperate need of affordable housing. Builders, unions, and the federal government can put people to work, training them in well-paid building trade jobs. We need carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs. We have enough MBAs. So, Joe, surprise us. Inspire us. People today are just as eager as the kids of the ’60s to do something for their country, perhaps more so. Show us a bandwagon and we’ll jump on.


Kate Flaherty