Bird sightings from Mass Audubon Society

Recent bird sightings as reported to the Mass Audubon Society:

Boston: Sightings include a common nighthawk at Fishermans Bend park, two pectoral sandpipers and a Wilson’s phalarope at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, a broad-winged hawk at EF International School of Language, and a willow flycatcher at Millennium Park. A yellow-throated vireo and a mourning warbler were both seen at Chestnut Hill Reservoir along with a Philadelphia vireo at Franklin Park, two hermit thrushes at Savin Hill Park, and a summer tanager at Boston Urban Wilds.

South of Boston: There were two soras at Lyman’s Pond in Westwood, five purple sandpipers at Black Rock Beach in Cohasset, an American bittern and a golden-crowned kinglet at Lake Massapoag in Sharon, and a winter wren at Wompatuck State Park in Cohasset. Sightings also included a mourning warbler at Longfellow Pond in Wellesley, a red-headed woodpecker at Manomet in Plymouth, an olive-sided flycatcher at White Horse Beach in Plymouth, and a yellow-throated warbler at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Greater Boston: Five common terns were spotted at Draw Seven State Park in Somerville, as well as a black vulture at Rock Meadow Pond in Ayer, three northern harriers at Heard’s Farm in Wayland, a sharp-shinned hawk and a yellow-breasted chat at Nahanton Park in Newton, a worm-eating warbler at Rocky Narrows in Sherborn, and a summer tanager at the Lowell Cemetery.


North Shore: There were two red knots at Newburyport Harbor, a pectoral sandpiper and a seaside sparrow at Parker River NWR, a white-faced ibis at Wet Meadows in Newbury and two at a field in Ipswich. Sightings also included a gray-cheeked thrush at Mill Pond in West Newbury, a yellow-breasted chat at Lowlands Park in Nahant, and two cerulean warblers at Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area in Newbury.

South Shore: In Fairhaven there were three clapper rails and a least bittern at Egypt Lane Ponds and a little blue heron at Winsegansett Ave. Marsh. A cattle egret was spotted at Ocean View Farm Reserve in Dartmouth, and a Tennessee warbler was seen at Herb Hadfield Conservation Area in Westport.


Central Mass: Reports included seven semipalmated plovers and two pectoral sandpipers at Bolton Flats WMA, along with a sora at the Athol Treatment Plant, a Bonaparte’s gull at Westborough WMA, and two grasshopper sparrows at Pine Hill Road Grasslands in Lancaster.

Western Mass: Sightings included two Wilson’s phalaropes along Route 7A in Sheffield, a Philadelphia vireo at Mount Greylock State Reservation in Adams, a summer tanager at the Montague Sandplains, three upland sandpipers at Westover Grasslands in Chicopee, a sharp-shinned hawk along the New England Trail in Chicopee, and a Mississippi kite at a home in South Hadley. Two marsh wrens and an orange-crowned warbler were seen at Great Pond in Hatfield, as well as a gray-cheeked thrush at UMass Amherst’s Orchard Hill, and a clay-colored sparrow at Orchard Arboretum in Amherst.

Nantucket: There were six Northern shovelers and 34 gadwalls at Great Point Lagoon, an American coot at Miacomet Park, a sandhill crane at Milestone Cranberry Bogs, three red knots at Esther Island, a short-billed dowitcher at Coskata Pond, a purple martin at Folger Hill, and a prothonotary warbler at Squam Swamp.

For more information about bird sightings or to report bird sightings, call Mass Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to www.mass audubon.org.