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What is the COVID-19 death toll - and infection numbers - in your town’s nursing homes?

On Wednesday, the state released for the first time the number of deaths in each of the state’s nursing homes and rest homes, as well as each facility’s COVID-19 cases.

Courtyard Nursing Care in Medford.
Courtyard Nursing Care in Medford.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Explore the data below that shows the state’s list of coronavirus deaths - and cases - for each of the state’s nursing homes and rest homes. This list reflects self-reported data by the leadership of each facility, and is expected to be made available to the public once a week. Searches can be done by municipality or facility name.

The Globe is also interested in knowing if you have reason to believe the information below is inaccurate or you have other information to add about any of these facilities. If you do, please contact robert.weisman@globe.com or rebecca.ostriker@globe.com, or call 617-929-3100 or 617-929-0754 to leave a message for them.