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Ms. Jennifer, 53-year-old tortoise, finds perfect home after thousands reached out to adopt her

Ms. Jennifer, a 53-year-old tortoise who was given to MSPCA-Angell after her owner died after contracting coronavirus, has found the perfect home among more than 3,000 potential adopters.MSPCA-Angell

Ms. Jennifer, the dandelion-loving, 53-year-old tortoise whose owner died after contracting the coronavirus, has found a home after thousands of people reached out to adopt her, according to the adoption center.

Within a week, over 3,000 people called or e-mailed the adoption center to bring Ms. Jennifer home, making her “one of the most popular animals the shelter has ever housed,” according to Rob Halpin, MSPCA-Angell spokesman. Due to the volume of calls, the adoption center was able to pair her with just the right owner.

“Ms. Jennifer is going to a fantastic home in Boston with a bona fide turtle expert,” Halpin said. “The new owner prefers to remain anonymous, but the MSPCA is profoundly grateful to them for opening their home to this extraordinary animal in need.”


Ms. Jennifer enjoys time outside in the grass, attention from people, and dandelions, according to MSPCA-Angell staffers.MSPCA-Angell

Ms. Jennifer came to the shelter in early May after her owner, a Waltham resident, died after contracting the coronavirus, Halpin said. The shelter searched for someone who would take good care of her — her previous owner would bring her on errands, show her off to both friends and strangers, and schedule wellness checkups for her.

Staffers showered the tortoise with love and attention during her stay at the shelter, throwing a birthday party for her on May 20, Halpin said. The workers whipped up Ms. Jennifer’s two favorite foods: fruit salad and dandelion cake.

Ms. Jennifer is expected to live a long life, reaching upward of 100 years old, Halpin said.

Ms. Jennifer, a 53-year-old tortoise, enjoys her favorite food, dandelion cake, during a birthday party held by staffers at MSPCA-Angell on Wednesday.MSPCA-Angell

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