Blind date: ‘I could literally talk until the person across the table passes out’

They talked for hours, but were they speaking the same language?

Lydia and Steve.
Lydia and Steve.

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STEVE M.: 26 / writer

His ideal mate: He’d love to talk love language with anyone and everyone

His hobbies: Played Magic: The Gathering competitively

LYDIA P.: 25 / PhD candidate

What makes her a catch: Her love languages are in quality time and gift giving

Her hobbies: Volunteer architectural tour guide



Steve My brother had actually done Cupid maybe a year ago.


Lydia I put on makeup for the first time in over a month, then tested out different locations in my apartment for flattering lighting, a very Zoom-specific problem.

Steve She seemed a little small at first, but then I full-screened and she became normal size.

Lydia He looked roughly my type, vaguely academic/nerdy (glasses, the way he styled his hair).


Steve She seemed confident and chillin’ from the get-go. Our match was in science, since she was doing her PhD in chemistry and I had gone to Tufts for biology. But our greatest overlap was probably our willingness to talk about anything, from dating app meta-games to love language.

Lydia Steven sort of dominated the conversation. He certainly is a smart fellow, and I did get to mention things about myself, but he seemed to want to talk about himself and not necessarily learn more about me. I was having some trouble with my Wi-Fi but he hardly ever noticed when I dipped in and out.

Steve Once I start talking it becomes pretty hard to shut me off.

Lydia I ordered a quesadilla, chicken sandwich, and a pancake from Trident Booksellers & Cafe, one of my favorite Boston-area booksellers.


Steve I got steak tips and a chicken appetizer from Prezo in Milford. Very good, and I got to take advantage of their dollar beer menu.

Lydia I did find Steve attractive for a bit, but then found myself frustrated. I felt like he was using questions to pivot back to some idea he wanted to discuss. He never asked about my research, which I’ve dedicated four years of my life to, even though I asked about his writing.

Steve We basically talked for four hours straight without skipping a beat.

Lydia We discussed love languages, and Steve mentioned an aversion to compliments and not particularly enjoying giving/receiving gifts. The conversation confirmed we wouldn’t work as a couple, as I personally enjoy giving gifts and, while I don’t require much affirmation, I still enjoy some.


Steve Like I said, I could literally talk until the person across the table passes out, so I didn’t even know what time it was when she mentioned it was bedtime. I didn’t take offense and applaud her capacity to not just sit there and suffer into the wee hours because the nice boy kept talking. We exchanged numeros and then I hit the hay.

Lydia I stuck around waiting for my turn to talk more about my interests, but it wasn’t going to happen. At least what he was saying was interesting.


Steve I’d be interested if she’s interested.

Lydia Probably not. I think Steve is a nice guy, but I’m not sure he was interested in me at all.



Steve / A-

Lydia / B