Package of cocaine found floating in Billerica pond

A package of cocaine was found floating in Sandy Pond Monday afternoon.
A package of cocaine was found floating in Sandy Pond Monday afternoon.Billerica Police Department

Police recovered nearly four pounds of cocaine after a suspicious package was found floating in a Billerica pond Monday afternoon, Billerica Police said.

A local resident was walking near Shane Lane when they saw the package drifting in Sandy Pond at 4:45 p.m., police said.

Officers were called to the scene and pulled the bundle from the water. They found that its clear plastic wrapping, which was held together by duct tape, contained a white powdered substance, police said.

Police brought the package back to the Billerica Police Department. Officials tested its contents and determined the substance was likely cocaine, police said.


Officers returned to the pond and searched the area. They recovered a second package that also tested positive for cocaine during the search, police said.

The combined weight of both packages was just under four pounds, police said.

Officials are still investigating where the packages came from. Investigators plan to conduct additional searches in the area of the pond, and the cocaine will be further tested, police said.

Anyone with information related to the packages should call Billerica Police at 978-667-1212.

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