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Facing reality is how I cope with it

‘Sometimes people forget the source of the problem.’

Lincoln Stewart.Lincoln Stewart

This is a longstanding reality. It’s just manifested itself more brutally right now.

I’ll give you an example: If the patient is sick, then falling down may kill the patient. Elderly people are frail — they fall down, they die. They get cold, they die. Our country is the patient that’s sick, so COVID-19 is just going to manifest those racially charged social issues. Numerous studies have shown that even if you take into consideration socioeconomic standing, income, education, and all those things, the medical system still treats Black people worse. The judicial system still treats Black people worse.

We have to see the root of these issues — the reality — and that’s my coping. Sometimes people forget the source of the problem; we almost disinfect ourselves from the reality in forgetting where things come from.


So that’s my coping mechanism. Research. Investigation. Knowledge. The presence of disparities in all sectors of society is just a fact, the recent murders and COVID-19 are just the latest examples.

I wish I lived long enough to see how history treats Donald Trump because this is a beast. This is a Nazi kind of philosophy, an autocratic, xenophobic, racially stoked presidency. Suddenly, facts don’t matter. Alternate reality is the order of the day. And a lot of people get caught up in that.

My defense, my coping, is knowing the truth.

Lincoln Stewart, 62, is an engineer in Valley Stream, N.Y.