Phantom Gourmet ‘on hiatus’ following co-host’s remarks on Black Lives Matter protests

The Andelman brothers, from left to right, Dan, Dave, and Michael, at the Mendon Twin Drive-In.
The Andelman brothers, from left to right, Dan, Dave, and Michael, at the Mendon Twin Drive-In.The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

Phantom Gourmet has been placed “on hiatus pending further review” after a number of posts deriding the ongoing protests against police brutality and systemic racism on the personal Facebook account of Dave Andelman, the show’s CEO and co-host, circulated across social media, according to a statement from WBZ-TV and WSBK.

The move came after Andelman apparently ridiculed participants of the Black Lives Matter movement over a period of several days, according to screenshots of his posts that have been shared by others.

Andelman issued an apology on the Phantom Gourmet Facebook page, but not before making his own account private. Many viewers, according to WBZ, have reached out to the station after his remarks came to light.


Once screenshots of Andelman’s criticisms surfaced — among them a call to defund "potatoes, not police,” and a mock suggestion that Back Bay restaurants and retailers “offer touchless, curbside looting” — many on social media took issue with his stance on the protests.

“If the people who fought to create and defend this country knew politicians and police were ‘taking a knee’ after looting in major cities, while millions of law abiding citizens were denied the right to make a living, they’d jam bayonets into their own heads,” Andelman wrote on his page, according to the screenshots.

Several users on Twitter wrote that they would no longer visit Mendon Twin Drive-In, which Andelman co-owns, nor the location set to open in Marshfield, and some urged WBZ to take Phantom Gourmet permanently off the air. The show was first broadcast in the early 90s.

Andelman wrote that the comments he made on his personal Facebook page were “inappropriate, hurtful, and wrong regarding the Boston protests,” in a post on the Phantom Gourmet page Saturday night.


“I made a mistake. I apologize,” Andelman wrote. “I feel terrible. We all make mistakes. And I ask for your forgiveness.”

In a statement, station president and general manager Mark Lund wrote that WBZ-TV is “committed to our community, by working together, listening to one another, and supporting each other.”

“After careful consideration, we have decided to place Phantom Gourmet on hiatus pending further review,” Lund wrote.

No further information was immediately available.