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Hingham harbormaster tells swimmers to beware of jellyfish

The Hingham harbormaster warned swimmers to watch out for large stinging jellyfish in both Inner and Outer Hingham Harbor, noting that at least one swimmer has been stung this season.

The creature identified as the lion’s mane jellyfish also has been spotted in other nearby harbors, Harbormaster Kenneth Corson said in a June 14 press release.

The jellyfish is in waters off Boston and north of Boston, too, and the state Department of Conservation and Recreation posted purple warning flags at beaches in Nahant, Boston, Lynn, Revere, and Winthrop.

Corson said the jellyfish seen off Hingham were 8 inches to 2 feet in diameter, with many long tentacles.


“On at least one occasion, a Hingham resident was stung and experienced something similar to a brief electric shock followed by a stinging sensation,” he said. “She treated it with a jellyfish sting kit and vinegar. Medical care was not necessary.”

Corson urged swimmers to exercise caution or avoid the water during jellyfish season.

Hull Harbormaster Kurt Bornheim said on June 15 that he’s seen the long-tentacled jellyfish on the ocean side of the Hull peninsula. “It’s all up and down the South Shore,” he said.

The lion’s mane jellyfish is common off the Massachusetts coast, usually appearing in April and staying through the summer, according to the New England Aquarium, which posted a warning on its Facebook page: “Please be very careful around these marine animals, as they can be quite sting-y!”

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