A bumper crop of beets and apples becomes a sweet and savory ketchup

Beetroot Ketchup
Beetroot Ketchup

Beetroot Ketchup from the Foraging Fox, a homespun London company, started off as a cooking project for cofounder Frankie Fox with her children. The family created a recipe for a condiment because of a bumper crop of beets and apples from their backyard. It was so well liked, Fox with her friend Desiree Parker launched the brand five years ago. Magenta-colored with a thick texture and earthy flavor; there are three ketchup choices, all low in sugar and sweet from apples, with a short, natural ingredient list — and gluten-free and vegan. The original is mild; the smoked version has beets smoked with wood; and the hot is zesty from spices (about $11 for 9 ounces). The ketchups’ savory flavor and sweetness pair well with a beef burger, and is an adventurous swap for tomato ketchup. For ardent beet lovers, these could become a cookout favorite or preferred dipping sauce for fries, veggies, or anything. Blend one with chickpeas for beet hummus. Available at amazon.com.


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