Hyperlocal goods at Picnic & Pantry

Picnic & Pantry
Picnic & Pantry

Picnic & Pantry, a grocer in Somerville’s Bow Market, might be new, but the store has been in business since Bow opened. It was called In Season Food Shop and recently changed its name and focus. You’ll discover a trove of hyperlocal and New England small-batch products in the rustic little shop; many often sold at farmers’ markets or at retailers scattered around the city — Curio Spice Co.‘s spices, pasta sauce from Pocket Garden Foods, stone-milled flours from Ground Up, Grey Barn cheeses, Big Picture Farm chocolates, and more. There’s produce, milk, baking supplies, and other everyday staples, too. Owner Bobby MacLean polled his customers and is gradually supplying the shop with their requests. “The neighborhood told us what they need and wanted,” he says. In the morning, the aroma of bread baking fills the air. That’s because The Biscuit, a beloved Somerville bakery cafe that lost its location last December, moved into the grocer. Now you can find its loaves — sourdough, wheat, challah, and focaccia ($7 to $9) — and scones, muffins, sticky buns, and other pastries. Worried about going inside the store (or any)? On Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Picnic & Pantry with other Bow Market vendors take part in Safe Supply Outdoor Grocery Store, where vendors set up outside and space 6 feet apart throughout Bow Market’s courtyard. Register for a 30-minute slot at eventbrite.com/o/bow-market-17464942766. The plan is for Safe Supply shopping to continue until there’s a cold snap. Meanwhile, the grocer has an online store and offers touchless pickup and delivery throughout Cambridge and Somerville. As people shift to socially distance outside, MacLean says, he’s ironing out details for picnic baskets that can be ordered for delivery to local parks. 1 Bow Market Way, 617-764-3387, picnicandpantrysomerville.com.


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