Graphic: US shows little signs of being able to control coronavirus spread

Ryan Huddle photo illustration / Adobe stock/NIAID

The coronavirus outbreak in the United States continues to worsen. More than 30 states in the country are showing signs that the coronavirus is continuing to spread and/or escalating, while only four are showing signs of positively curbing the virus, according to Covid Exit Strategy.

The chart below shows how well all 50 states are containing the spread, based on metrics outlined by the White House. Dark red indicates “uncontrolled spread,” “trending better” is in green, “making progress” is in yellow, and “trending poorly” is in bright red.

The score of each state is calculated using a simple rule: The score is as good as the weakest measure, with one exception, if cases are decreasing. In that scenario, a state gets a yellow grade, even if there are reds on other measures. Calculations are weighted to prioritize new cases per million and positivity.


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