Blind date: ‘He looks like a hotter, younger version of Max Medina from Gilmore Girls'

Will these two avid conversationalists cover the gamut?

Cameron T. and Casey G.
Cameron T. and Casey G.handout

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CASEY G.: 29 / software engineer

What makes her a catch: She’s a talented conversationalist

Her interests: Yoga, running, hiking

CAMERON T.: 27 / history teacher

What makes him a catch: He’s thoughtful, well-informed, and can start a conversation with anyone

When he is happiest: Watching documentaries on Netflix



Casey In the time of app dating, who doesn’t want to be set up by a matchmaker?


Cameron A friend had gone on a Cupid date a few months ago. I guess I was next on our list.

Casey I was on a Zoom call with a mutual aid group right before the call. I had about 10 minutes to put makeup on and make myself presentable.

Cameron I had an online grad school class right before, so I was pretty distracted by that.

Casey He looks like a hotter, younger version of Max Medina from Gilmore Girls.

Cameron Casey has a wonderful smile. Conversation was fluid from the get-go.


Casey He was asking a lot of questions about me (definitely preferable to talking about himself the entire time). But after about 10 minutes we fell into a great groove.

Cameron I went into teacher mode and tried to let Casey do the talking early. Any fears that my match would be wildly off very quickly disappeared.

Casey We talked about COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, politics. We’re both passionate about the BLM movement and have recently been to protests.

Cameron Casey is passionate about social justice and has been trying to advocate for change. We swapped stories from protests, where we were drawing inspiration, and what might come next.


Casey He’s a great conversationalist and seemingly a feminist. I felt safe to be myself. We started joking around a lot more and became more vulnerable, telling personal stories.

Cameron At one point we discussed the last time we had each cried, which, you know, isn’t romantic per se, but did take the date in a more intimate direction.

Casey I ordered from Neighborhood Kitchen, a Black-owned restaurant in Medford. So good!

Cameron I ordered sushi from Edamame in Watertown, but the chicken satay was the real star of the show.

Casey I realized I liked him when we started talking about social justice. He seems very altruistic.

Cameron The more I learned about how she sees the world, the more attracted I was to her. It was clear that Casey and I share a lot of values and interests.


Casey I had a ton of meetings that day and had been staring at my computer for a long time.

Cameron It was a logical endpoint, as we both had admitted to being tired.

Casey We traded numbers and immediately started texting. We texted all night.

Cameron We exchanged numbers.


Casey Yes, we already have plans.

Cameron Hell, yes!


Casey / A+

Cameron / A+