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With an uncharted summer just getting underway, the environmental advocacy group Save the Harbor/Save the Bay announced its annual grants to 39 organizations to keep beaches safe and open.

In a ceremony relocated from the Boston Fish Pier to Zoom on Saturday morning, the organization announced $208,000 in grant money split among organizations in Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy, and Hull.

“We all love the beaches and realize what a huge part they play in our well-being even before this pandemic,” said Brendan P. Crighton, a state senator from Lynn.

Bruce Berman, a spokesman for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, said in a phone interview that the grants, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, would help those organizations respond to current pandemic concerns, allow them to put on free events when safe to do so, and to begin reimagining how the beaches they support can be used if the pandemic stretches on.


But he said he hopes the grants will help sustain those organizations through the summer, which will in turn maintain the beaches and support the communities that use them.

“We’re concerned about the budget, but we also know that the beaches...[are] the primary economic driver or the only — or primary — recreational resource at a time that [people] are likely to need it the most,” Berman said.

And looking ahead is very much a part of the conversation, he said.

“What is the future going to look like? What’s a beach program going to look like post-COVID-19? How do you put these spectacular urban resources to work for our kids and our communities?” he asked.

“These are questions I don’t have answer to.”

Lucas Phillips can be reached at lucas.phillips@globe.com.