Three shows to binge when they come back

Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas in "The Kominsky Method."
Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas in "The Kominsky Method."Mike Yarish/Netflix

The news on the renewal front is good right now. Three shows have been given another season, each of them worth bingeing if you haven’t seen them yet.

Netflix has announced a third and final season of “The Kominsky Method,” which seems just right. The winning Chuck Lorre comedy, starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin as friends facing the indignities and freedoms of getting older, is thoroughly enjoyable. But it doesn’t need to go on and on and on (ahem, “Grace and Frankie”). Lorre is known for dragging out his series — “The Big Bang Theory” had 12 seasons in all, “Mom” is heading into season eight — so I’m glad he’s showing restraint here.


Hulu has announced that it is bringing the great “The Great” back for a second season, which is fantastic. The comic drama, from the co-writer of the movie “The Favourite,” is a twist on the rise of Catherine the Great, and it’s filled with wit, raunch, and intrigue. Elle Fanning stars as the woman who would become the longest-reigning ruler in Russian history.

Finally, Netflix is going to bring “Never Have I Ever” back for a second season. The charming show, co-created by Mindy Kaling, is about an Indian-American high school girl’s coming of age in the aftermath of her father’s death. She wrestles with her traditional mother, who is arranging a marriage between her aunt and a complete stranger, and she falls for at least one boy. But the show is also poignant as it recalls a truth: Deal with your grief or it will deal with you.

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