This memory of a ’50s guest DJ goes out to all you Arnie Ginsburg fans

Boston radio legend Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg died June 26, at 93.
Boston radio legend Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg died June 26, at 93.

In the winter of 1957-58, I was a sophomore in high school and, like just about all my peers, I faithfully listened to Arnie Ginsburg’s “Night Train” show (”His antic-filled ‘Night Train’ ruled AM radio,” Obituary, June 29). His most popular program on the old WBOS was Sunday night’s “Old Record Hour.” He would have on a guest disc jockey, usually from a Boston-area high school. The guests would bring their favorite “oldies” (yes, even back then, we had oldies) and choose the records to be played that hour. I said, “Why not?” and called him at the station to see if I could DJ. Much to my surprise, he said sure.

When I mentioned my good fortune at school, I was deluged with requests for dedications. At the appointed time, I piled my old 45s into a shopping bag and hopped on a streetcar to the studio, near the BU Bridge. Access to the second-floor studio was by an outside staircase. The show was prerecorded, and the big studio clock had to be reset to reflect the air time.


The actual taping session is just a big blur now, but I do recall clearly the array of bells and whistles and noisemakers Arnie had spread out within easy reach. Oh, and I did manage to squeeze in every dedication.

I remain grateful to Arnie Ginsburg for my experience and thankful that I could contribute, albeit in just a very small way, to his amazing success.

Barry Mushlin