Police confiscate cache of fireworks, incendiary devices in South Boston

Boston police seized fireworks from a vehicle in South Boston Friday night.
Boston police seized fireworks from a vehicle in South Boston Friday night.Boston police

Amid worries that the Fourth of July holiday will increase the frequency of illegal fireworks displays, Boston police announced Saturday they confiscated a “large quantity” of fireworks and incendiary devices from a vehicle in South Boston.

Police found the gray Honda Accord in a parking lot in the area of 56 Crowley Rodgers Way at about 10:15 p.m. on Friday. Officers had already been patrolling the area because of community complaints about fireworks.

When officers arrived at the vehicle, they found two people, a male and female whose names and ages were not released. They saw “a significant amount of fireworks” in the open trunk.


The officers began taking the fireworks out of the trunk, but the pair became agitated and confrontational, police said.

“The male and female suspects continued their verbal tirade, berating officers with multiple racial slurs as officers confiscated the fireworks,” Boston police wrote in a statement.

Both people were issued city ordinance violations for possession of fireworks. .

In a statement on their website, Boston police reminded people that “illegal fireworks pose significant dangers to the safety of our residents and their property and do not belong in our communities.”

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