After three and a half years, we’re getting a really good look at Trump

President Trump spoke to members of the media as he departed the White House on May 30.
President Trump spoke to members of the media as he departed the White House on May 30.Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg

The convergence of a pandemic, the implosion of the US economy, and the death of a Black man in police custody in Minneapolis and the weeksof protests that have followed, all within the window of a presidential campaign, may finally have led to the unmasking (pun intended) of Donald Trump.

For those of us who have always thought of this president as an an unfit squatter in the White House, our conclusions have been confirmed. But, more important, there now seems to be a wide swath of the country who are seeing Trump clearly for the first time, and many are not liking what they see.


Just what are they seeing?

The man who came into office portraying himself as the dealmaker and problem-solver extraordinaire has been revealed as a managerial one-trick pony. The man who prided himself on telling it like it is has been revealed as a thin-skinned compulsive liar who responds to even the most minor criticism with vile, scathing, and personal attacks (especially if his critic happens to be a woman).

The man who vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington has embodied and emboldened perhaps the most corrupt administration in American history.

And the man who said he would “make America great again” has overseen a feeble and ineffective response to a pandemic, a collapse of the economy that even more than ever rewards the rich and white at the expense of poor people of color, the dismantling of decades of progress in climate-related environmental areas, and the loss of American leadership, credibility, and prestige around the world.

The attention span of the American public is notoriously short, and we must remain ever fearful and vigilant about the things Trump and his team might do to subvert the will of the people. That said, in this moment, it is comforting to believe that the truth about Donald Trump is about to set the country free of his unfaithful and incompetent leadership.


Michael Knosp