Is it time for another round of ‘In Treatment’?

Gabriel Byrne in a scene from the first season of "In Treatment."
Gabriel Byrne in a scene from the first season of "In Treatment."Claudette Barius/HBO

This could be nuts, maybe in a good way. TVLine has reported that HBO is considering a reboot of the late, the great “In Treatment.” One of TV’s most finely observed and well-acted dramas, a show I continue to recommend to people, “In Treatment” ran for three seasons, ending in 2010.

Based on the Israeli series “BeTipul,” “In Treatment” featured a different set of therapy clients every season, so there would be no issue involving reassembling the old cast. There is no word yet about whether Gabriel Byrne would return as the therapist, or if the show would be centered around a different one.


Interestingly, an “In Treatment” reboot could be filmed with social distancing perhaps more easily than most productions. Generally, each episode has featured only two characters, therapist and client, and there is a distance between them.

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