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Blind date: ‘We both hold Dairy Queen in high regard'

Can a marathon runner and a cyclist build something based on their mutual attraction to ice cream?

John J. and Ani P.
John J. and Ani P.Handout

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ANI P.: 26 / medical student

Her perfect Saturday: A run around the Charles

Her hobbies: Volleyball, music, sketching

JOHN J.: 28 / mechanical engineer

Notable quality: Former pro cyclist

His perfect mate: A doctor who looks like Danica Patrick



Ani I had a glass of rosé and tried not to eat all my sushi before the date started. I half succeeded.


John I cooked my dinner, blasted Bruce Springsteen, and spent 32 minutes arranging my background just so.

Ani The cork was giving me trouble but I made it by 7:01. John started the conversation with some really great questions. He had a nice, big smile.

John Ani was very well dressed and attractive. My first impression was, She has herself together.


Ani We tried to guess why we were paired and what we had in common.

John Truthfully, the first 10 minutes were a blur since I was still caught up in the excitement. This has been my favorite column in the Globe for as long as I can remember.

Ani I think we talked about running first. He hasn’t been able to run much because of injuries. But he seemed genuinely excited to hear about my recent marathon and half-marathon.

John Ani is in medical school, obviously a pretty grueling affair. I was curious to learn how she de-stresses from it all (running and ice cream — good choices in my opinion).

Ani My favorite part of the conversation was the 15 minutes we spent talking about ice cream. We both hold Dairy Queen in high regard. He recommended a new, local brand and I was pretty pumped about that.


John My favorite takeout spot — Sugo — [wasn’t open], so I bought some “fancy pasta” from Wilson Farm in Lexington and cooked my own attempt at a Sugo Italian dinner.

Ani I ordered a few rolls from Cafe Sushi in Cambridge. This restaurant has the best, reasonably priced sushi.

John I got a good vibe throughout the call. Ani was personable, perceptive, fun, and easy to talk to.

Ani He seemed warm, enthusiastic, and friendly. He had great questions and seemed engaged.


John I thought we had a lot in common: Type A personalities, being active, intellectual curiosity, and the all-important taste in ice cream (Dairy Queen 4 lyfe).

Ani He seemed lovely, but after an hour of chatting I realized we didn’t have a lot in common. But I always like to give it a couple of dates before deciding something won’t work.

John After a two-hour conversation, things just sort of concluded naturally. She has a lot of studying to do, so I wanted to be respectful.

Ani He was very understanding. We exchanged numbers as we said goodbye.


John I would enjoy getting to know Ani more, either virtually or in person.

Ani Theoretically, I would be down to see him again, but given the pandemic, another Zoom conversation might have to do.


John / A

Ani / B+