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Kasich charts path forward but can’t seem to take that first step

Former Ohio governor stops short of endorsing Biden for president

John Kasich, then a Republican presidential hopeful, on the campaign trail in New Boston, N.H., in January 2016.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff/File Photo

John Kasich is a good American. His July 22 op-ed “Enough is enough. There’s a better path forward for America” makes that clear. But Kasich is not a great American. If he were, he would have added one more sentence to his sincere statement.

The former governor of Ohio, a Republican, should have stated clearly that, in order for us to avoid “America’s soul” being “irreversibly eroded under four more years of our current ‘leadership,’ ” we must all vote for Joe Biden and against all the Republican enablers in the Senate. Kasich would have shown, by adding this bold statement, that his courage and patriotism exceed his “sturdiest political attitudes.”


He could have demonstrated much-needed leadership, showing that his “love for America” demands, at this critical time in our history, that he is willing to override his “party loyalties.”

W. J. Tragakis


It is all well and good for the former governor of Ohio, Republican John Kasich, to criticize Donald Trump and propose a new direction for this country. Unfortunately, nowhere in his piece does Kasich openly endorse Joe Biden or clearly indicate that he intends to vote for him.

Anti-Trump Republicans who stay home or, say, write in their spouse for president are in no way helping to “choose another path.” In a state whose 18 electoral votes Trump carried with just 51.7 percent of the vote in 2016 — a state that current polling indicates is “in play” — I’m afraid that bolder and more courageous public action is needed on the part of the former governor.

Vincent Bucci