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The prospect that President Trump will contest the results of the November vote has become increasingly likely and directly parallels his cascading poll numbers, setting the stage for the president to disrupt the election by declaring that he may refuse to accept a Joe Biden victory (“Game theory: when the loser won’t concede,” Page A1, July 26).

Trump is already bracing for a confrontation over bipartisan-backed mail-in voting, which, without evidence, he insists will be rigged in favor of Democrats, strongly suggesting that he would not accept defeat.

An outsize turnout and a lopsided victory by Biden would stand the best chance of denying Trump an opportunity to subvert the democratic process.


Given Trump’s candor that he would not hesitate to disrupt the 230-year tradition of good-faith elections in this country, a long-awaited good-riddance-style departure by this president, in a free and fair election election, would go far in restoring Americans’ confidence in this tradition.

Roger Hirschberg

Bondville, Vt.