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Hop aboard a Maine schooner

Two boats in the Maine Windjammer Association fleet will take guests on overnight trips this summer beginning this month. The Stephen Taber and Ladona schooners have met all Coast Guard licensing requirements and state COVID-19 guidelines for lodging, restaurants, and windjammers to help ensure passengers will be safe. Owners of both schooners have incorporated rigid safety and cleaning protocols, and require guests to verify a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of sailing. What hasn’t changed for guests: the stunning views of the Maine coast, the freedom of exploring the ocean by wind power, and the delight of eating fresh lobster prepared on a remote beach. The itineraries now include visits to uninhabited islands to help ensure social distancing. The 3- to 7-night trips start at $698 per person. 800-807-9463, sailmainecoast.com



Consider this winter deal

You’re probably thinking “beach time” rather than “slope side,” but now is the perfect time to snag a deal on a ski pass — with nothing at stake. Ikon Pass has created Adventure Assurance, a free program that protects passholders this coming season. Purchase an Ikon Pass now and you can defer the purchase price of your 2020-21 pass to the 2021-22 season any time before you use it — through April 11, 2021. Or, if you start using your pass and any Ikon Pass resort closes mid-season for eligible COVID-19 reasons, you will get a partial credit toward the following season’s pass; the credit will be based on the percentage of days the destinations are closed. Valid passes include the 2020-21 Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass, and Ikon Session Pass 4-Day. Ikon Pass resorts in New England include Stratton, Sugarbush, Killington, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon Mountain. $749 (Ikon Base Pass) to $1,049 (Ikon Pass). www.ikonpass.com

Pilota’s new FlySafe technology.
Pilota’s new FlySafe technology. Handout

Adding peace of mind for flying


If the idea of flying makes you uneasy these days, check out Pilota’s new FlySafe technology. This free browser extension shows travelers which safety precautions are being taken on all US flights and on international flights originating in the United States to help keep you safe from COVID-19. It works on many of the online booking sites you use to make your travel arrangements, such as Expedia and Google Flights, adding information to help you make informed choices. For instance, find out which airlines require masks for all crew and passengers, block middle seats or limit seating capacity to distance passengers, have incorporated surgical-grade HEPA filters to help ensure healthy air inflight, and provide masks, hand sanitizer, and other safety items (not all airlines follow the same protocols). It also indicates which airlines have implemented social distancing measures during check-in and boarding, boosted sanitization measures for high-touch areas and for food and beverage service when available, and waived change or cancellation fees. The service lets you compare flights not only based on the airlines, but also on the aircraft, flight times, airports, disruption risk, and more. www.flypilota.com

Within about eight seconds, the dirty water passes through the filter and enters the clean Inner Press — ready for drinking.
Within about eight seconds, the dirty water passes through the filter and enters the clean Inner Press — ready for drinking. Handout


Safe water on your wildest adventures

Power this year’s off-the-beaten path adventures with safe and tasty water produced in seconds by Grayl’s Geopress Purifier. This simple-to-use purifier instantly removes bacteria, protozoa, and even water-borne viruses missed by many filters so there’s no waiting for your pure and potable water. It also filters out microplastics, silt, chemicals such as chlorine, and heavy metals including lead. Fill the Grayl BPA-free plastic container with 24 ounces of water from a stream, campground spigot, bathroom sink, or questionable water source worldwide. Then place the Inner Press with the attached purifier filter into the container and press down firmly with the SimpleVent lid attached (partially open the twist cap to vent air during purification). Within about eight seconds, the dirty water passes through the filter and enters the clean Inner Press — ready for drinking. Best of all: No funky taste. The purifier cartridge lasts for about 350 uses before needing to be replaced. $89.95. grayl.com