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The Democrats have their ticket

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden retrieves his face mask from the podium as his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, prepares to speak at a campaign event at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday.Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press

This election is a fight to save our country. Vote accordingly.

Re “In unison, ticket targets Trump” (Page A1, Aug. 13): In 12 of the last 13 elections I was proud to cast a vote, mostly for Democrats, but occasionally for a Republican if I thought he was the better man for the job. Each time it was easy to accept the outcome because, Richard Nixon aside, they were all good men. Being able to peacefully accept the win or defeat of a candidate is the beauty of our democratic system.

The 13th election of my lifetime, however, was different. For the first time I was faced with an absolutely unsuitable candidate who was not a good man, Donald Trump. The choice to vote against him was, sadly, too easy, and these last three and a half years, unfortunately, have proved that my assessment was right.


Contrary to what his supporters say, my resistance to President Trump is not a question of being unable to accept a defeat. It’s a question of fighting for democracy, of fighting for the civil, health, and economic rights of all our citizens. This election in 2020 is literally a fight to save our country.

So, even if Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, are not your first choice, they are the only choice now to stand against Trump. Put aside your own wants — we’ve seen all too often the damage caused by inflated egos — and vote the Trump administration out. Democracy, the very existence of the United States, its heart and soul, are hanging in the balance.

Nancy Merz Nordstrom

Hudson, N.H.

Biden ‘reminds us of what we miss’

Adrian Walker’s column “A bridge to the future” (Metro, Aug. 12) was astute in so many ways, from his observation about Kamala Harris’s being considered Joe Biden’s “safest” choice to his list of other talented women who would also bring so much to our country. What touched me most, however, were his words that expressed that, while Biden may not be the ideal candidate, “he reminds us of what we miss in a president: someone who takes the challenges facing our nation seriously, who sees the presidency as a profound obligation, who wants to appeal to the best, rather than the worst in us.”


My eyes filled with tears, knowing Biden is the person who can give our country some prestige, dignity, and pride that we’ve lost.

Thank you to Walker for capturing, in insightful words, how many of us view what could be ahead.

Helen Pilotte


She can’t wait to wear that ‘Nasty Housewife’ T-shirt

Re “Trump breaks out gender code words: Uses ‘housewife,’ ‘nasty’ to attack his opponents” (Page A8, Aug. 13): This is one white housewife who can’t wait to get her “Nasty Housewife” T-shirt printed.

The president says, of “suburban” white “housewives,” that “they want safety.” Yes, we do. Safety from the havoc of the coronavirus, safety from climate change catastrophes, safety from guns in our schools and stores, safety from a collapsed economy due to the absence of leadership in a health crisis. I can’t think of anyone who has made me, the white housewife, feel less safe than Donald Trump.

Trump seems to think we white women are all bigots and racists happy to support him. No, thank you.

Want to do a bulk T-shirt order, ladies?

Pamela Haran


West Roxbury

This is a case of political correctness over political wisdom

It is disappointing and even discouraging that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s first major decision has been made on the basis of political correctness, not political wisdom. How his selection of Kamala Harris can possibly help him in the economically struggling Midwestern battleground states is not obvious. Indeed, based on the elation that emanated from Trumpland Tuesday night, it seems as if Biden’s choice could hinder the ticket.

It is truly sad to contemplate a vision of how much better it would have been — for Harris and the United States — if instead of her being part of what stands to be a losing ticket, she, with her excellent legal background, could have been appointed to the Supreme Court by a victorious President Biden to serve for the next 25 years.

Ronald B Campbell Jr.


Harris is a good candidate — period

Neither the color of her skin nor her gender makes Kamala Harris a good candidate. She is a good candidate.

Janet Beyer