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Providence bishop’s insulting tweet is an insult to all Catholic candidates

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, shown in a 2013 file photo, questioned Joe Biden's faith.Gretchen Ertl

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin’s derisive comment about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is regrettable (“Providence Bishop Tobin disparages Biden’s Catholic faith in tweet,”, Aug. 12). The denigrating comment was made without explanation, leaving room for speculation. The blunt insult, without any substance, is in no way instructive. It is merely a barb from the bully in the pulpit.

Tweeting open-ended insults toward a candidate for high office is a disservice to all Catholic candidates. It may also give the unfortunate impression that this is acceptable behavior for religious leaders. For most of us, it is not.

The Rev. Eugene T. Dyszlewski



Lime Rock Baptist Church

Lincoln, R.I.