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There were a few ‘Easter eggs’ in the background of Warren’s DNC speech

Elizabeth Warren talks child care, economy at DNC
Elizabeth Warren: "It's time to recognize that child care is part of the basic infrastructure of this nation."

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday night delivered her speech to the virtual Democratic convention from an early childhood education center in Springfield, where she condemned President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and made a case for better access to child care.

Warren stood in a classroom as she spoke, with colorful toys, children’s artwork, and cubbies as the backdrop. But Twitter users quickly noticed the letters “BLM” — standing, of course, for Black Lives Matter — prominently displayed over Warren’s shoulder.

It was one of a number of “Easter eggs,” a term used to describe meaningful items hidden in the background of a movie or TV show, sprinkled throughout the classroom during her speech.


Another shelf of blocks spelled out “DBFH,” which stands for Warren’s presidential campaign slogan, “dream big, fight hard.” Toward a back corner of the room was a child-size mail carrier jacket, a nod to the Democrats’ ongoing effort to fund the United States Postal Service.

There were also a few homages to Massachusetts: In another cubby, a pair of Converse sneakers were seen hanging from a hook. An image of The Cat in the Hat, a creation of Springfield’s Dr. Seuss, could be seen on a shelf. And a copy of “Make Way for Ducklings” was seen on a table to Warren’s right.

Following her speech, Warren’s political team posted a Twitter thread highlighting all of the objects in the room.

After the coronavirus pandemic put an end to plans for a massive in-person gathering of Democrats in Milwaukee, the Democratic Party has been improvising. Convention speakers have been delivering their speeches during a mix of pre-taped and live segments. On Tuesday, rather than a traditional roll call where delegates announce their votes for the party’s nominee from inside an arena, Democrats held a “Roll Call Across America,” where delegates could showcase their state and discuss issues important to them.


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