Massachusetts voter guide: Second Congressional District

This election season, the voters of Massachusetts will serve as a hiring committee and name job candidates for nine different posts in the House of Representatives, and one in the Senate. With that in mind, the Globe solicited resumes from all 31 federal candidates who will appear on the Sept. 1 primary ballot, so you as a voter can make an informed decision on which candidate to hire. Candidates were also asked to fill out a short survey, and responses were edited for clarity.

The Massachusetts Second Congressional District covers a large swath of Central Massachusetts, including Worcester, New England’s second-largest city. In its current form, the district has been represented by James McGovern since 2013. Prior to 2013, McGovern represented the Massachusetts Third Congressional District, which covered many of the same Central Mass. communities and included parts of Bristol County.

Democrat | James P. McGovern
James McGovern
James McGovernHandout

Why are you running for Congress?

This seat belongs to the people of Massachusetts’ Second District. I’m running to listen to them, to stand with them, and to fight for them with everything I’ve got. People say we should go back to normal after the pandemic ends, but I don’t think normal was good enough. We need to do better and we need to be better. I hope to continue fighting tirelessly for the big, bold changes we need to build an America that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

If elected, what are the top three issues you would work on beginning in January 2021?

1) Quality, affordable health care for my constituents. I support Medicare for All. At a minimum, let's allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies and pass along savings to all patients.

2) Building a fairer and more just Massachusetts by fighting for racial and economic justice, working actively to stop and reverse the impacts of systemic institutional racism, and working to build a more equitable economy where everyone pays their fair share.

3) Putting our government back on the side of the American people by undoing the disastrous damage of the Trump administration, tackling corruption, reasserting the role of Congress in our Democracy, and getting big money out of politics.

How old will you be on September 1st?


Republican | Tracy Lyn Lovvorn
Tracy Lyn Lovvorn
Tracy Lyn Lovvorn Handout

Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for Congress because I want to bring a positive energy to Washington that is focused on unification and solutions. I want to bring accountability and function back to this broken branch of our government. I want to help put an end to the political extremism in D.C. that works to incite and divide us, and I want to actually work to help fix problems and make things better.

If elected, what are the top three issues you would work on beginning in January 2021?

(In every decision I make, first and foremost, I will always uphold our Constitution.)

— I will work to ensure the ongoing funding, stocking, and replenishing of a National Emergency Stockpile. We should never again experience the need for outside reliance on any other Country for the protection of American lives and safety.

— I will be a leader in the development of a fair, clear, merciful, and just immigration policy that includes securing our borders and promoting safety.

— I will commit to diligently working to lowering costs, improving quality, and increasing access to health care.

How old will you be on September 1st?

48 years old.

This project was reported by Matt Stout, Victoria McGrane, Christina Prignano, Joshua Miller, and James Pindell. It was produced by Christina Prignano and Ryan Huddle.